5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

garage expansion ideas

As your family grows throughout the years, so will your need for a bigger home and garage space. You’ll have more things and possessions as you add more members to your family. If you’re already in the stage where your house feels cramped, you might already be considering expanding your home.

Whether you need an add-on garage or a small garage bump-out, extending a garage will offer myriad benefits. On top of the list is additional space for storage and work area. Look for garage extension plans to discover garage designs and ideas for your property.

Call Elite Garage Door Repair once you have figured out what you need and want. Our technicians will recommend garage addition ideas to help you find the most suitable one. As your trusted garage company, we’ll build you a garage that suits your needs and budget.

Benefits of Expanding Your Garage Space

With extra garage space, the possibility of using the area is endless. But more than that, you can also reap dozens of benefits from adding onto an existing garage. Here are some advantages of expanding your garage.

Adequate space for a bigger car – A bigger garage means you have additional space for a bigger car. Consider garage extension ideas if you’re planning to get a bigger vehicle for your growing family.

Additional Parking Bay – Extend the garage to obtain a new parking space for another car. This will give you enough room for your family’s vehicles if you have more than one.

Easy Garage Conversion – More space means more things to do with the space. If you install outlets and indoor structures, you can easily convert your garage into an office, gym, or art studio.

• Increase Property Value – Many add-on garage ideas can boost your property value. A bigger garage coupled with an aesthetically-pleasing design will sell itself. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, expanding your garage will help you sell fast.

Top 5 Ingenious Garage Expansion Ideas

Garage expansion is an exciting project. However, you must not do it carelessly. Are you looking for garage expansion ideas? Here are our top 5 picks of creative design ideas to extend your garage.

1. Build up your garage
If you want extra storage space in your garage, you can build your garage upwards by adding another level. A second story is one of the creative garage addition ideas you can adopt for garage expansion. The room can be used for storage, playroom, guest bedroom, and more! You can also install a flat roof on your garage and create a rooftop. It is a perfect spot to hang out with friends, exercise, and unwind after a busy day at work.

2. Extend Garage Height
Another option to build up your garage is to increase its height. Raising the garage roof will give you extra overhead space for storage. You can also install shelves and cabinets. Garage height expansion is also ideal for car storage. You can install car lifts and display your prized sports car or vintage models. Furthermore, you can keep your RV and other large vehicles in a taller garage.

3. Set up a Garage Bump-Out
A garage bump-out addition is one way to create another room or storage space in your garage. The bump-out may or may not be equal to another parking space. You can extend the garage forward and add a window to boost property appeal. You can also expand sideways to create a gardening shed or storage room.

4. Install a Lean-to Garage
A lean-to is an excellent garage addition to existing garages. In this attached garage idea method, you will retain all garage walls and add another garage by leaning on the old one. This means you won’t knock down any wall and simply add a new garage. You can find a great deal of attached garage addition ideas online for inspiration.

5. Expand Garage Sideways
Besides a lean-to garage, another 2-car garage design idea is to expand sideways. You’ll need to destroy one of your garage walls to extend your garage in this method. In doing so, you’re adding a bay to the existing garage for another car. If your yard space allows, you can also add a third bay to an existing two-car garage.

There are two ways you can go about expanding your garage sideways. You can add garage doors for every parking bay you add or extend your garage door. You must base your decision on your preference, needs, and budget.

Learn more about garage expansion design ideas by calling Elite Garage Door Repair. As the best garage door company in your area, we will provide you with the highest quality service and assistance. Our technicians will help you every step of the way, from inspection to construction. Reach out to our professional team by calling our local number.